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A Christianity That Really Works by Ron Marr

Do you long to reach God's heart but rarely seem to get as close to  Him as you  would like? There is a way to succeed in the Christian  life! Ron Marr offers hope  and  encouragement to every believer who is looking for continuous personal  revival in his or her life. This book is practical and applicable to life right now.



The Great Escape by Ron Marr

If you love Jesus, you care for those He died in such awful agony to save!

You canít stand the idea that your loved ones might miss heaven and spend eternity in  hell.   Or anyone else for that matter. . . . But you havenít known what to do about it.

 Hereís your answer!  Weíre placing in your hands a marvelous new tool to lead them to Christ. Itís the book, The Great Escape.


True Christianity
by Charles Finney

This book is a collection of lectures drawn from Lectures to Professing Christians, the Way of Salvation, and Lectures on Revivals of Religion. They are grouped into four topics: repentance, prayer, witnessing, and spiritual growth. The chapters were originally sermons or lectures delivered by Finney that he later revised to be more suitable for print form.

When reading the book, it is easy to feel the passion that Charles Finney preached with. One is convicted by his direct style that he obviously hopes will be clearly heard, understood, and applied. Some of the chapters in this book are among the most convicting pages written in the last two hundred years.




Spiritual Dynamite by Ron Marr

Just to be willing, by Godís enabling, to worship the Lord and rest in Him whatever the circumstances He is permitting at the momentóthatís spiritual dynamite!

It may seem impossible to rest contentedly in God in the midst of physical or emotional pain, time pressures, the follies and foibles of people, our own foolishness and sin, religious persecution, or lack of enough money to pay the bills. But when we turn in simple worship to the God who is ENOUGH; when we donít have to fight it all through, figure it all out, or fix it all up; when His acceptance is enough; when we donít have to deserve His love; when it is enough just to be in Himóthe dynamic works.

Like Paul, we can be content, for he said, ďI have learned in whatever state I am, to be contentĒ (Phil. 4:11).

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